UPLIFT, Wyoming Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health and Statewide Family Network

Data Driven Enterprises has provided evaluation services for UPLIFT on various projects:

TANF Pre亿乐彩娱乐 Project – Evaluation activities for this project include:

  1. Collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the Kindergarten Readiness Survey data.
  2. Collecting, analyzing, and reporting on student growth data and developing the necessary evaluation tools for collecting these data.
  3. Developing student tracking instruments.
  4. Developing and evaluating data from a pre亿乐彩娱乐 classroom monitoring tool.

Big Horn Reading First Project:

  1. Analyzing and reporting out on pre亿乐彩娱乐 classroom monitoring data, parent survey data, and student achievement data.

Other Projects – Evaluation activities include:

  1. Developing and revising survey instruments and evaluation report forms.
  2. Developing systems for tracking the impact of UPLIFT services on students’ behaviors.
  3. Designing Access database systems for scoring and reporting out on customer satisfaction/child outcomes data.
  4. Collecting and analyzing Student Difficulties Questionnaire data to determine the impact of UPLIFT interventions on children’s behaviors.