Paper Towel Dispensers

Have you ever noticed how much time, engineering, and ingenuity has gone into creating paper towel dispensers? Here are 18 different models that I discovered one summer. Can you imagine how many pictures of paper towel dispensers I would have if I spent two summers on this project?

1. The Old Standard Pull-Down.

Data Driven Enterprises’ Headquarters in Northglenn, Colorado.
Please note the key in the dispenser. And no one has ever stolen any of our paper towels!

2. Pull-Down with a Twist.

The Pit Stop in Wheatland, Wyoming.
It’s not the pits when you can dry your hands with a nice paper towel!

3. A Simple Stack.

303 in Casper, Wyoming.
These paper towels are really plush. Probably because the menu items are really expensive.

4. The Wave.

The Qwest Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Love it! You put your hand in front of the dispenser and out pops a paper towel. Please note that you don’t have to actually wave your hand in front of the dispenser; you just have to put your hand in front of the dispenser. But it’s more fun to wave, don’t you think?

5. A Bunch of Hot Air.

The Qwest Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Hate it! Dispenses hot air instead of paper towels. This is the worst. Who wants to stand around while a bunch of hot air dries her hands? Not me! Remarkably, this dispenser is in the same restroom with #4 The Wave. This restroom is promoting paper towel dispenser choice!

6. The Built-In.

The Qwest Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
This is the fancy shmancy version of the DDE Old Standard Pull-Down. But notice the absence of paper towels!! Oh no, I’ll have to exit the restroom with wet hands! Ah, never fear, because double remarkably, this dispenser is in the same restroom with #4 The Wave and #5 A Bunch of Hot Air. Whew! I can still dry my hands.

7. The Wave Revisited.

The Qwest Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Love it still! Triple remarkably, this dispenser is in the same restroom with #4 The Wave, #5 A Bunch of Hot Air, and #6 The Built-In. Yes, there are four paper towel dispensers in this one restroom. This one restroom has only three stalls. How crazy is that? I’d say gosh darn crazy. This is taking Paper Towel Dispenser Choice to a whole new level. Dare I say, a whole new unnecessary level?

8. The Finger Push Tab.

Arby’s in Douglas, Wyoming.
Take a finger and give a push. Push – release; push – release. Kind of like an exercise routine. An exercise routine where you’re not going to get that strenuous of a work-out I’m afraid.

9. The Built-In with Paper Towels.

C’mon Inn in Casper, Wyoming.
Another built-in except this model has paper towels in it. Come on in and dry your hands at the C’mon Inn! We supply the paper; you supply the wet hands!

10. The Whole Hand PUSH Tab.

An elementary 亿乐彩娱乐 in Longmont, Colorado.
Take a whole lot of fingers and give a push. And while you’re at it, learn how to spell PUSH. Apparently elementary 亿乐彩娱乐 students can’t push with just one finger (see #8 above).

11. The Multi-Finger Push Tab.

Pilot Gas Station in Laramie, Wyoming.
Take a couple fingers and give this a lengthy push. The red tile set this one off nicely.

12. Yet Another Blower Job.

Rest Area, Mile Marker 228, I-80 in Wyoming.
Still hate it! Another version of the electric hand blower? Do restroom patrons like blow drying their hands? I don’t think so. However, if ever your clothes are wet, this one comes in handy. But how often are your clothes wet in a public restroom? I’m hoping not often.

13. The Middle of Nowhere.

Rest Area, Mile Marker 228, I-80 in Wyoming.
In case you were wondering where the middle of nowhere is – it’s at Mile Marker 228 on I-80 in Wyoming. Good thing there’s a hot air hand dryer close by because after all, you sure wouldn’t want to have wet hands in the middle of nowhere.

14. Yet Another Push Tab.

Love’s Country Gas Station, Wamsutter, Wyoming.
Quite frankly, I’m getting tired of these push tab paper towel dispensers. They all involve tabs, fingers, and pushing. Is one type of tab really better than another; is one particular placement of the tab really better than another? Is one certain length of pushing better than another? Who cares?

15. Turn the Knob.

A 亿乐彩娱乐 administration building in Green River, Wyoming.
Hey, a knob and not a lever! I’m digging it. However, I’m thinking well-engineered paper towel dispensers don’t need instructions and this one comes with two (use two hands, turn the knob). It also tells you that the paper towels are Clean and Soft in case you don’t notice. They may have been clean, but they weren’t soft. (Note: three pictures were needed to show the instructions!)

15. Turn the Knob continued…

The knob itself!

15. Turn the Knob continued…

The instructions!

16. The Model T.

The Krazy Moose in Green River, Wyoming.
Wow! An honest-to-goodness crank. Just like Model T’s used to have. Crank me out a paper towel you Krazy Paper Towel Dispenser, you!

17. A Real Model T.

The Wagner’s in Sterling, Colorado.
While technically, Model T’s don’t have anything to do with drying one’s hands, they do have a crank like some towel dispensers. And quite frankly, pictures of only paper towel dispensers make me, well, cranky. Plus, this picture of my dad’s Model T will make my dad really happy. This Model T has been in the family since the 1930s.

18. The Box.

Conoco Gas Station in Rawlins, Wyoming.
No engineering required in developing this paper towel dispenser. Just a box full of paper towels. Similar to the Old Standard Pull Down (see #1) except this one doesn’t have a key to lock up the paper towels. I could have pulled off the Great Paper Towel Heist. But instead I just pulled a single paper towel.

19. The Wave Without the Wave.

The Egg and I in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Still love it! This one makes clear that those in need of a paper towel don’t need to wave at the paper towel dispenser. They merely need to Place Hand in Front.