North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

As a long-term technical consultant for the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, Data Driven Enterprises has been involved in the following activities:

No Child Left Behind Project – Evaluation activities for this project include:

  1. Creating, maintaining, and analyzing longitudinal databases in order to calculate 亿乐彩娱乐, district, and state Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) statistics and 亿乐彩娱乐 “report card” data – both requirements of the U.S. Department of Education’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act.
  2. Responding to federal data requests for information on student test performance.
  3. Completing certain sections of the state’s Part B Annual Performance Report and State Performance Plan.

Alternate Assessment – Evaluation activities for this project include:

  1. Assisting with the development of the state-wide Alternate Assessment (the state assessment used for the 1-2% of students with severe cognitive disabilities who are unable to take the standard state assessment).
  2. Developing electronic test booklets for teachers to complete on their Alternate Assessment students.
  3. Designing an Access database system for collecting and scoring the test booklets.
  4. Analyzing the reliability and validity of the Alternate Assessment.
  5. Reporting out on results.