This week’s numbers in the real world: Numbers on uniforms. Hey, Number 8, hit the ball! Hey Number 8, throw the ball! Hey Number 8, catch the ball!

Come to find out Player #8 would prefer kicking the dirt, digging in the dirt, throwing the dirt, and lying in the dirt than doing anything with a baseball. That’s okay. Player 8 is only 4. And t-ball is only t-ball.

But back to numbers. A number on a uniform is a nominal number. Nominal numbers make life so much easier. We can easily identify a person, place, object by labeling them with a number. A higher number doesn’t mean “more” of something and a lower number doesn’t mean “less” of something; it’s just a number. Baseball player #8 . . . Zip code 90210 . . . Locker 43. You can’t add, subtract, multiply, or divide nominal numbers – you can’t do a darned bit of math with any nominal number. But math isn’t a prerequisite for importance. After all, phone numbers, social security numbers, and bank routing numbers are all nominal numbers. And life would be worse than a t-ball game of disinterested 4-year-olds on a hot summer day if you couldn’t call your mother, get paid, or make a deposit.

And even though you can’t count nominal numbers, you can make your week count – so as always, make your week count!